Give the gift of giving

Equitry is a delegated giving platform that helps businesses deepen their connections with employees and customers while supporting causes that make our world a better place.

How It Works

Equitry strengthens communities through charitable campaigns.

Sponsors create targeted campaigns that increases engagement with customers and employees.

Sponsors deepen their connections with their audience by allowing them to support causes that make our world a better place.

Step 1 - Sponsors Add Funds

Sponsors fund a campaign and choose charities that align with their mission.

Step 2 - Individuals Accept Funds

Individuals (such as employees, friends, etc.) accept funds from the sponsor and pick charities from a pre-defined list.

Step 3 - Charities Receive Funds

Charities receive their funds when the campaign is complete and use them to deepen their community outreach.

Using the Equitry Platform

Sponsor funds their campaign and chooses charities.

Select from Equitry’s existing charities or search for and select any registered 501(c)(3) charity. Let us know how much you want to donate across the charities you’ve selected, and launch your giving campaign!

Individuals accept funds and donate to charities.

When someone follows one of your campaign links, they are prompted to create an account to accept funds, which they can allocate to one or more of your pre-selected charities.

Sponsor sees analytics from their campaign that supports their cause.

Track campaign activity such as social media shares and brand image impressions with Equitry’s analytics dashboard.

Why give with Equitry?

Find a New Way to Engage your Audience

As a sponsor, you can create targeted campaigns that enable your employees or customers to allocate funds to specific charities. Equitry allows you to create a branded experience as part of this process, creating a giving campaign that can stand on its own or be a component of a larger employee engagement or advertising campaign.

Giving with Equitry Campaigns are Easy

Our simple campaign creation process will let you get started quickly while our per-link analytics will help you to evaluate multiple promotional efforts or evaluate the effect of the campaign on specific target segments.

Ready to get started?

Send us a message, or sign up for an Equitry account.